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What's your opinion?

  • Gnarly!

    Votes: 5 6.1%
  • I'll stick with my ratchets and ladders

    Votes: 37 45.1%
  • I'll stick with rear entry

    Votes: 11 13.4%
  • Not sure about this, but I'm curious now

    Votes: 10 12.2%
  • I'd give them a shot

    Votes: 13 15.9%
  • Looks gimmicky

    Votes: 6 7.3%

New Quick Entry System

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Trying to get some feedback. What do you guys think of this invention I made?
Snowboard binding Quick Flip Technology (Patent Pending!) - YouTube

(Sorry for originally posting in binding reviews and leaving that thread there. If someone tells me how to delete a thread, I will delete that one)
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don't let the cat out of the bag....oops, too late

ask yourself......will this satisfy a NEED or a WANT?....

if you know it will satisfy a NEED...then you may be onto something.
if you yourself would actually use really may be onto something.
the key is making it practical, efficient and durable.
the big key is trying to keep it as quiet as possible while developing
because there are people with the wherewithal out there who will
take your idea,.....develop it themselves and market

If you really believe your product is viable, a patent attorney
and what you need to do to protect your idea.

that being said....with further developing you may just be onto something

good luck!!
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Just for the record, I don't drink either (in fact, I have never even been drunk), so I have no idea how much anyone would care that it opens bottles. I was just throwing that in there. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have Asperger's/a form of autism, so norms, social interactions, and communication aren't natural for me.

If haters want to hate, they can go ahead. Just keep in mind, you'll be mocking someone with autism, and I do not think society will be with you on that at all.

I don't want a yacht, fancy car, or any of that nonsense. I can think of at least 100 other good uses for that kind of money.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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