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New rider advice.

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Hey everyone, beginner snowboarder here! I'm really excited to join this community and excel at this sport but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what works for my body type regarding gear ect. My body type is very unique as I'm a very short man of 4'10, around 130-135lbs. Low to the ground and strong...I don't want to get gear that is not good enough quality but it seems like the only boards, boots (size 5 kids), bindings I'll ever be able to ride are children, perhaps women? I've heard some people say to stay away from kids and then others to say to go for them.

Does anyone have any advice in any capacity as to any specific boards, shoes, ect to buy for myself? I'm sure someone else has been in this awkward in-between position. I rode a 130cm board the other day and it seemed like something I would outgrow pretty quickly so I bought I 138cm board, it hits the bottom of my nose. Hope I didn't go too big.

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Your height doesn’t matter too much, maybe in terms of stance width options, but weight is more important in how the board is designed to be flexed. So always look at the recommended weight ranges of the size of board you want to get.

If you’re afraid of the looks of a kids/womens board… look into Unisex boards that come in smaller sizes.

Ride Zero, Salomon Dancehaul etc all come in small sizes, and perform very well.
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