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Hey guys, thanks for having me on this forum. I have a bunch of questions, and I feel bad about that, so if anyone has any NFL-related questions or math/science issues, maybe I could return the favor :laugh:

Anyway, I just moved to UT and I'd like to get into snowboarding. I've only skied before, and that was several years ago; I would consider myself to, today, be totally unexperienced.

I'm ~6'3, 180 lbs, size 13 shoe, and I have access to basically all of the resorts in Northern UT.

Having never ridden, it's hard to say which style I'd prefer, but my initial thought would be free ride.

I'm thinking that I should buy used gear (with the exception of boots) for a couple of reasons: I should probably keeps costs down on something I have never tried and I don't need the best, brand new equipment from day 1.

I don't really have a set price range, but I think I just want the best bang for my buck. As I said, I don't need the best of the best.

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could throw out some suggestions for me! :cool: :thumbsup:

On the board side of things (I know it's a faux pas to base it on this, but...) I really like the design on the Arbor boards. I'm the kind of guy that wears plain, solid color clothing, so a lot of the flashy colors and designs on a lot of the boards I've seen really irritate me. I like the simple wood design of Arbor's boards, so that's why I mentioned them; really, any board without comic book art, pornography, or neon will work! I just need some suggestions on model types, because I'm not really sure what I should get as a beginner, and I think that my location plays a role, as well... Could be wrong on that though!

Then also, board and bindings? I'm much less educated about these!

Thank you so much if you managed to read all that, and thank you even more if you answer!!! :D
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