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New Rider, Old Board

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This is my first season snowboarding. I skied a lot as a kid, tried it again 10 years later and decided that I want to give this snowboarding thing a try. Rented a board, hit the bunny hill and spent the last hour of daylight cartwheeling onto my butt.

I decided that if sucking at snowboarding was that much fun, being good must be awesome.

Since then, I've had one group lesson, a few days on the hill with more experienced boarders, and watched all the videos. I can link up my turns, keep my upper body from flailing frantically, and I've quit falling down quite so much. Everyone else says I'm doing great, but I feel frustrated with the slow rate of my progression.

I'm riding my boyfriend's old 2004 154 Rome Solution, which the internet informs me is a pretty good board to start on. Unfortunately, it's seen a great many rocks and rails in its day and the base looks like it starred in-but did not survive-a slasher flick. There's one minor core shot.

On top of that, I'm 5'4", 140lbs and not sure I'm big enough to manhandle it as completely as I'd like. Is this thing slowing me down, or am I just making excuses?
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i dont think you're making excuses as learning how to ride is definitely hampered by inappropriate gear- sure, if you know how to ride, then you can ride a 150 or a 170 and not be fazed, but you're not there just yet.

i'd say for someone as small as you, i'd be looking more towards a 150 as an all mtn board. my sister is roughly your weight but she's about 5'7'', and she uses a 151- and she's a cowboy-stanced rider with experience.

there are lots of womens specific decks out there- what kind of riding do you intend to do- cruising? groomed run slaying? park?

one thing to keep in mind with your bf's board too, is that obviously, he'd be bigger than you- are you on a board that is just too wide at the waist, and thus very, very hard and unco-operative to turn? that could be a big factor too if you've got small feet but you're riding a board that guys with size 10 feet are fine on.

i'd say go smaller, softer, and narrower- my sis has a womens specific option and she said its the best board she's ever ridden.
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