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26, got hooked this season and have been 4 times. Have been reading like an addict and watching youtube videos when not on the mountain. I guess my "home" mountain is Tahoe.

Anyway, just wanted to thank the board because I have used the search function to great effect in putting together my beginner rider gear. Just got everything finished up today and ready to go for next weekend. Mildly tweaked my knee last sunday going too fast down a green on a too-short burton cruzer so I'm hoping to be back up next weekend. Probably have time to go 10-15 times towards the end of this season so hoping to get some good use out of my gear.


GNU Carbon Credit banana rocker btx
Union SL bindings
Burton Ambush boots

Seems like I picked a good time to get hooked because all the gear I've been buying has been 20-40% off pretty much everywhere.

I also invested in impact shorts/wrist guard/etc. after my first time out and they have really helped with confidence and getting back up to keep learning. The wrist guards especially are just amazing, and even help for things like getting up and just leaning against the snow when sitting. For impact shorts I really like the Demon Snow ---they've been working well (although I will say the women's didn't do anything for my fiance, she hurt her tailbone pretty bad, and it seemed like they were flimsy just compared to the men's).

One weird thing I need to work on is heel side. For some reason I find it easier to get up on the toe and so I've naturally been learning to ride toe side and not as much heel side.

Anyway, picking the first board required a lot of research and this bort was invaluable, so thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to the easy turn initiation of the Gnu Carbon Credit and the rocker technology. Also I can't wait to see what Magna traction is like.

Mainly, I'm just excited not to have to wait an hour in the morning at the rental place for shitty gear while forking over craploads of money.

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Snowolf and others are much better instructors then I am. I will say, just focus on linking turns. Regardless if you want to ride on your toes or not. If you are not turning you are doing the falling leaf which is completely lame and douchey. Don't be a douche. Yeah I was that douche once too. Limit your doucheness and work hard on turns.

Everything else looks like a good upgrade for you. No problems with the safety gear. It's pretty smart when you are learning actually. Broken wrists and bruised tail bones are frequent injuries as your lady found out. I recommend a helmet too. Concussions are also a much higher occurrence with snowboarders. Plus it's your brain. Ultimately that is up to you.

Glad you're stoked and welcome to the forum.
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