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Hello guys, my snowboard experience is limited at about 2 weeks. Now i want to buy myself some setup, so i can afford to go more often (2-3 weeks per season) Snowboarding.
At the moment i have the Nike Vapen 2014 Boots , EU Size 44 - Mondpoint 28.

At the moment i want to buy the Union Force 2014, which i can buy for 170€. One think i am concered is, if i should take the ML or the LXL variant of the Bindings.

As for the Snowboard, i am nearly 90% sure of buying the Elan Prodigy Camber 2012 154 Board. I think it fits my freestyle/allround-style perfectly.

So what do you think of this setup, and what size bindings should i get (if i dont need to change anything of the setup :p)

Thank you!
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