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Its just a matter bad do you want to do it, your ability to think your way out of a wet paper bag and are you committed to your passion. My daughter at age 17, a senior in high school, lived 56 miles from the hill, did not have a driver license or a car, worked 2 part time jobs and got in 100+ days of riding and skiing. Did her senior project training with ski patrol and was skiing huge BC lines that most folks only dream about...And she crossed to boarder all the time with her friends....Not with parents.

And she did graduate on time with good grades.

So quite your whining and get your ballz out of your purse!

It's really nice to hear that your daughter was able to do all that and it made her happy, but there is no need for you to put this kid down for living a different life style than her. Maybe its just not plausible for him at this time? Maybe he has some other priorities in life as well? You shouldn't hate on a kid for trying the enjoy snowboarding at a different level of commitment as you and your daughter.
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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