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If I were you I'd hit up Whistler Blackcomb. I've always wanted to try it out, but live in the Midwest.
Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Do that, don't plan a trip there.
Chances are you time it shittily.

Not every day is mind blowing.

Have your gear ready to go, then one of those nights in winter, snow will be puking it's brains out.

Get up retardedly early, and go there.

That first 25 minute run of untouched powder, will bring tears to your eyes.
You'll never want to go home.

Fo realz


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I wish i could but I have school and its a 4 hour drive one way. So waking up at 3 am. Leaving at 4 am. Boarding at 9am. Leaving at lets say 4 pm. Getting home at 9 or 10 pm because food and traffic. Thats not easy for a 17 year old to do unless i went by myself.

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You're 100% right, it ain't easy. Not in the least.

My drive, is 3.5 hours. Bout the same really.
I'd rather go the night before, that's what I usually end up doing.

When you KNOW it's puking up there & you're gonna be riding the most incredible lines of your life. Hahaha

It's pretty damn hard to get any sleep anyway.

There's also a earlier "fresh trax" ticket you can buy. There's only a certain amount though, it's first come, first serve.

One of those, will get you on the peak, with an all you can eat buffet breakfast @ 6am.

Then after your done eating, you get the WHOLE mtn for 2.5 hours all to yourself.

So you get 10hrs of non stop powder slaying goodness.
It's almost too much for your body to handle, almost hahaha

I had 2 gopro's with me this day.
In all those 10hrs, this was all the footy I managed to get 6 seconds.

It had snowed for 4 days, all of the alpine had been closed to everyone, nobody was allowed up there, it was like 3 feet deep of untouched heaven.

In the close to 30 years that I've been snowboarding, no single day, including 4 days at BaldFace lodge riding with Jamie Lynn & other pro's even came close to how fucking incredible this day was.
It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

It's tough for me to get up that early & make it there that early.
So I usually go the night before, park at McDonald's, then wait a few hours until it's open.
When it's puking that much & you know you're gonna have the best day of your life, hahaha, it's kinda hard to get any sleep, no matter where you're trying to sleep.

I'm sure it seems like an impossible task, but it's not that hard once you leave your house.

But HOLY FUCK hahaha is it ever worth it.


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It's really nice to hear that your daughter was able to do all that and it made her happy, but there is no need for you to put this kid down for living a different life style than her. Maybe its just not plausible for him at this time? Maybe he has some other priorities in life as well? You shouldn't hate on a kid for trying the enjoy snowboarding at a different level of commitment as you and your daughter.
Oh shut the fuck up, he's trying to motivate the kid.
He's telling him if you want it that much, it's easy.


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^ Ya, I'm grumpy geezer..but not hate'n...every year we get some youthz saying the same thing...but it is really about commitment. Iirc last year/spring it was some kid in a burb of Van BC...saying that his parent wouldn't let him, no rides...and yadadada. Well we gave him shit and told ballz up and make it happen...he did...and guess what, he got stoked and discovered it was really up to him to make things happen. There are many forumites here that HAVE made the commitment... the to move to slopeslide, dirtbag a season, or just move to a hill and make it happen. So kick'n him in the ballz to wake-up and realize that he is the captain of his own ship or shit...imo is not a bad thing...and I don't care what his priorities or commitment are...that is up to him to decide. However his responses to this thread and another loooong thread are basically excuses/whines/attention seeking...instead of inquiring how/what to do to make it happen and noting the advice that was given. So just calling-out his commitment.

Rant over...dammit it we need more snow!

Edit...and if OP wants to come up for the tour (pm)...I'd gladly give him a tour of the holyland...and in all likelihood, he would in his youth be able to ride much better than I...but I don't'd be fun.
Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Yup, and that kid has a pass to cypress now.
He wants to be my new little side kick, haha he messages me about 90 times a week haha.

Which is all good, except I got banned for LIFE from cypress.

Another kid came on here last year wanting to know if it was possible to move from Toronto, to whistler, without any money, any connections, any anything.

I told him do it, you'll make it happen.

Few months later he was back on here saying, he did it.

He made it here. He didn't have anything, yet, found a place to stay at someone house but didn't have anything else hooked up yet.

Few more weeks go by, & He had a job at whistler.
A pass comes with that.

He had it all hooked up, except he couldn't find any ganja, haha.

That, lol I can help you with. So I did.

Not far after that, I told him to buy a Dupraz.
Never heard of em?
Neither had he, he bought a Burton fish 156, he's like 6 foot 2 & 200lbs
Haha yeah that won't work.

I traded him 2 Option snowboards for his one Burton fish. He sold those & bought a Dupraz.

I went up there about once a month & brought him some smokeables.

I brought my Dupraz & we fucking tore it up.

He lived the dream, because he believed what I told him he could do.

He left at the end of spring.
Since that day, his whole life has been about trying to get back here.

Cause it's that fuckin' good.

He's already got a place hooked up for this upcoming season.

So it's inevitable, he's coming back.
I have a feeling, now that he's 19 & old enough to get into the bars, he won't be going home after the seasons over.

Talk to people, don't be a dink, make new friends(connections) everything will fall into place.

You just gotta have some balls, believe in yourself.
It's easy once you leave your house.

JJ will be back & we'll be shredding the goods.
Look for the tall kid & the really handsome guy both riding Dupraz'

There's 2 wicked connections right there.
See how easy that is.


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That just did it for me.

I've been on the fence about buying a full seasons pass to whistler, I live 4 hours away.

I had totally forgot that JJ is coming back.

They extended the early bird pass deadline until today.

Today is the last day to get a deal on a pass.

As much as I want one, wasn't sure if it would be worth it?

JJ to the rescue.
I think I'm gonna buy that pass today.

I'll have a floor to try & sleep on. Haha key word "try"

I have a feeling this is gonna be THE year for me.

Thanks for being a pussy, it reminded me of JJ and his pussyless attitude.

Without you being a whiner, I might not have remembered about him coming back.

Fuck yeah, whistler it is.

Whilst doing the Ric Flair schuffle hahaha


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Well... I always thought of myself of being a weekend worrier. Because:

Cambridge dictionary:

"weekend warrior
noun [ C ] /ˌwiːk.end ˈwɒr.i.ər/ /ˌwiːk.end ˈwɔːr.i.ɚ/ us informal

a person who takes part in a particular activity only at weekends"

That's it.
Where does the negative rest come from? Core conceit...?
Oh yeah for sure.
When I think weekend warrior
neni is the first person that comes to mind :embarrased1:

How many incredible trips have you been on in the last 2 years? Lol

I know you snowboarded in an active volcano with Lee.
Pretty sure Alaska was in there, maybe 3 times?
2 for sure.

But I don't actively follow the neenster, so I'm betting there's a handful more super incredible places that you went?

Just your average weekend warrior :wink:

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