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I have a brand new in shrink-wrap 2012 Atomic Poacher Renu Premium Splitboard Package

It's a 164 CM board

Looking to get $450 + ship
Which is a steal considering this comes with EVERYTHING you need.... minus poles :D

This splitboard setup comes with:

Atomic Poacher Premium Renu Splitboard

Atomic Poacher Skins

Atomic Poacher Premium Bindings (fits sizes US Men's 7-14)

Multi Cramp-on Tool

Atomic Board Flex Rating: 8: Atomic's Flex Ratings go from 2 (soft) to 8 (stiff), so this board is one of the stiffest that Atomic makes. Stiffer boards have higher top speeds, better stability at speed and better stability through bumpy/choppy terrain--but softer boards are easier to learn on and easier to do terrain park tricks wtih. At a rating of 8, the rider using this board would be a very good snowboarder, capable of riding anywhere on the mountain and doing so with a good bit of speed.

Atomic's Pop Rocker FR is Atomic's off-piste camber shape. While not completely reverse camber, the amount of this board that is rockered is more significant than any of the other Pop Rocker versions. The longer rockered section in the nose means that this board will have exceptional float in powder and choppy snow, and the flat camber underfoot will provide a stronger edge hold than a reverse camber ride.

Atomic Renu: This Renu product uses high quality recycled and eco-friendly materials to lessen the rider's carbon footprint.

1 Degree Power Bevel: This minimal edge angle allows for quicker edge to edge transitions than more exaggerated bevels. This edge bevel is built for speed and stability, but not for beginners, as you are more likely to catch an edge.

Heel Riser in Hike Mode: The clips that are used to lock the two planks together to make the snowboard, can be placed under your boots while hiking to elevate your heel (like an AT binding). It isn't necessary to raise your heel, and people familiar with cross country skis may prefer to not use the clamps. For most people though, skinning uphill is made easier with some heel lift.

Hike and Ride Technology: The binding system that comes with this splitboard package can be changed on the fly between the Hike and Ride settings. Using the included cramp-ons as a torquing tool, you can quickly change the orientation of the bindings from ski style to snowboard style. In both situations, you will be wearing snowboard boots. We tested it out in our warm offices and it took us about 2 minutes to change the skis from hike to ride. We do recommend you get familiar with the adjustment in the comfort of your home before going out to shred. It isnt difficult to adjust, but with cold hands and winds whipping around at the top of a peak, 2 minutes turns into 10 minutes pretty quickly.

7200 Sintered Base: The stone ground finish of this base, along with the 7200 level Sintered material improves glide, and is typically found on intermediate and above level boards. This is often called a UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) base.

Truth3 Lightweight Wood Core: The Truth3 core is made of specially chosen, high-density Poplar along the edges and the inserts, and specially chosen low density poplar in between. This makes the board strong and beefy where it needs to be, and superlight where it doesn't.

Binding Construction: These bindings have a standard snowboard binding style. That is, an ankle strap a toe strap, a fortified highback, and a baseplate that can be adjusted for different foot angles. These bindings use Atomic's Nanoframe plastic-fiberglass material, which is very lightweight but strong.

V-Shape and Directional Flex: When the board is linked up in the Ride setting, it has a V-Shape sidecut and a directionally significant flex. This means that the tip of the board is wider than the waist and the tail, leaving the general shape of the board to look like a V. The shape (and swallow tail) of this board indicate that it was primarily designed for softer snow conditions; not that you can't ski hard snow (including resort groomers), because you can, but this type of shape was made to throw soft snow around with ease.

Atomic Poacher Skins: These skins were made specifically for the Atomic Poacher splitboard. This is very convenient, because finding skins that would work on a splitboard (without having to cut them or alter them by hand) would be pretty difficult. And also expensive.

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