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New stick! HELP!

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Hey fellas

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. As the title says I am looking for a new board. With that being said I am at a complete loss as to what size and brand too look for!? My style of riding is everything but the park. I have been riding for 5 years. I am 5' 10'' 175lbs. I wear a size 10 boot. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could give me advice as too what size board I should be looking for and if anyone has any suggestions on a good all mountain deck!? My price point is under 300 which I think is very possible considering I would be looking at last years models.

Thanks a lot fellow boarders for any input, it is very much appreciated!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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there are tons of boards, find something from 157 to 160 cm with some sort of rocker-camber combo and medium stiff flex; like 6-7 out of ten, directional twin if possible.

from any of these companies, burton, ride, k2, yes, nitro, rossignol, capita, salomon, signal, rome, arbor, neversummer, lib tech, gnu, flow. and possibly others.

check a website like or and come back to us with somethings that looks good to you.
I ride in michigan. And maybe a trip out west here and there.
I am your exact weight and height. Anything around 157 would be good. 160+ is getting pretty big. Anything below a 154 would be pushing park-only, which you obviously don't want.

Boards you should look at, in no particular order:

- Rome Agent (I own one of these - great all-mountain deck. Stiff but not too stiff. It's a directional twin, so you can still ride switch if needed).
- GNU Carbon Credit
- Ride Buckwild (more of a park board, but stiffer so you can still get some great all-mountain riding from it).
- Neversummer Heritage
- LibTech Hot Knife

The libtech and the neversummer will be harder to find, and likely more expensive. But both are excellent all-mountain decks so at the very least you can base your search off of those two to find something more in line with your budget.
k2 raygun is a quality deck for the cash. not a park park board. youll probably have a blast on it
Check out the Thrive Renegade, I just recently bought one & have heard nothing but good things on it. Nice looking board as well. Last yrs model is 50% off right now as well!
Guys, thanks a hell of a lot! This will put me on the right track and gives me a really good idea of what to look for. Now it's time for me to do my diligence and dig in. Lots of good information, can't thank you guys enough. I will definitely keep you guys posted as I come closer to my decision. :thumbsup:

Hey man,

Check out the Yes Basic. It's a good all mtn board you can take anywhere from the pow to the park, and it is at a lower price point as well.
Awesome thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to check it our right now!
Hey guys a little update! After tons of research I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a k2 Raygun! Seems like the best bang for the buck after reading countless reviews. I know you guys suggested between 157 to 160 or anywhere around there. But my question is what size would you go for being 175lbs 5'11"? The 2 options being 156 or 159? Also, with this board not being a twin directional will it still be possible to ride switch if I do wish? Thanks guys!! And thanks for the help thus far!

I would get the 159 since you aren't riding park, the raygun isn't tapered so there should be no issues riding it switch. go for it
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