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Its becoming a problem all over Japan.

I say this as a Brit and anyone who has been to Spain knows we have ruined a large part of Spain and do so every summer. I am ashamed to be British when I go there.

If you come to Japan to board, wherever you are from, realize that most mountain locations are quiet peaceful places.

If you want to get rowdy do so in a bar that allows that sort of thing and not in the streets when people are sleeping. Also have manners on the mountain and don't go around screaming and shouting.

The only person to be badly injured in an avy at Nozawa last year was an Aussie in a place he shouldn't have been on a day that no one should be in the side country.

Also learn the rules for getting in the hot springs, the number of times I have had to explain and apologize to the locals for the lack of manners.

Simply put, don't go past the entrance with your shoes on there will be a step up and that is usually the place where your shoes come off, watch what others do.

Wash properly before you get in to the hot tub and towel off while in the bathing area so you don't get the changing area floor dripping wet.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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