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Nitro Charm wms board?

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Hey there,

Have you ever heard of a Nitro Charm women's board?
My girlfriend is looking out for her first own board. She can link turns and goes down blue runs fairly comfortable. Height 163cm, weight 58kg (we live in Europe).
At the most shops down here in The Netherlands they sell this Nitro board, a Nitro Charm (flat or gulling). I can't find ANYTHING about this board on the web, which I find so strange!? Does anyone have any experience with it/ reviewed it/ recommends it/ hates it/ love it?

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Really, it's fishy.. I can't find any record of this board!
Does Nitro build different boards for different markets? Can't imagine that..

Found this site seems very informative... from what I understand Nitro is a beginners brand. If your girl is looking to have some fun on the mountain I'd get her the gullwing since its a pretty flexible board, and will be very playful.... wish I could help more!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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