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This is my first post and I'm just looking for some advice on board size. I want to buy my first board after years of renting and I've decided on a Nitro Team Gullwing.
I'm 15 years old , 5'10'' , 145 pounds and boot size 11 ,but I will probably grow up to 6'2'' in the next couple of years.
Last year I rode a 162 Burton Bullet so I was wondering if I should get a 162 or 159 wide.I want to ride powder but also be able to hit some smaller jumps and boxes.

Thanks for the help!

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Sure you'll grow in the next few years but do you plan on gaining some weight? The board won't care how tall you are but weight will have the most effect. I'd say 59 or something like a 56 would still be fine for some years.
If you were all about pow and freeriding I'd say go ahead with the 62 but since you said you want to hit boxes makes me think your going to be in the park, that's why I'm saying go shorter.
Then again I got a friend who is all about 170+ boards and can huck it around on hits and still hits rails and stuff so it's all personal preference.
At the end of the day 3cm's won't make a huge difference. I'd base it more on if the regular wide would fit your boots, if yes then get the 62. I'm not really a fan of wide boards as they are noticeably slower going edge to edge.

Hope that helped.
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