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I demoed a set a pair of NOW bindings with med. bushings on Monday in good conditions.

While the actual foot pivot of the skate tech is so subtle you really have to look for it to notice, the overall performance enhancement is phenomenal. It was like going from stock suspension and tires to performance tuned suspension and racing tires. The board was just begging to hold an edge and carve. Transitioning edge to edge was effortless and playful, but very stable and confidence inspiring.

I was skeptical when reading about these. I thought they might give a sloppy feeling and delayed reaction - Wrong! They were very responsive and really helped smooth out the bumps. My feet and knees were thanking me 20 runs later.

The pair I demoed were from 2013, so I know there have been improvements and refinements to the design. I was convinced enough that I returned the demo pair and left the shop with a new pair of NOW Selects.

Thanks for making such an innovative product, JF!

Update: Rode the Selects today. They rode as expected, but the straps are a significant upgrade from the originals. They disperse the pressure over the top of the foot very well.

Totally worth the $!
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