Now O-Drive Large Snowboard Bindings

Only used 2 Days

The Now O-Drive Snowboard Bindings are a force to be reckoned with. Components forged with high grade composite and carbon make for an ultra responsive, lightweight ride. Skate-Tech blends the natural feel of skateboarding with the snow, making these bindings some of the most intuitive on the market, while a very stiff flex combines with the extra-durable construction for a hard charging riding serious rippers will appreciate.

Product Details
Flex Rating – 10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Hanger 2.0 PA 66 with 30% Carbon Fiber – I-Beam wall sections are both rigid and light. Baseless design allows for uninterpreted board flex. Transfers energy to the board's edges.

4X4 Disc – 66 PA with 30% Carbon Fiber

Post – PA 66 with 30% Carbon Fiber

Channel Compatible – Sold Separately

FS2 Highback 3K Carbon Fiber – Pre-rotated 5 degrees. Asymmetrical shape follows leg angles. 20mm higher than Freewing highback. Multi-position forward lean block with Allen key hardware.

Flex Rating – 9 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Hyperfuse II Ankle Straps – The HYPERFUSE II strap is an evolution of the original Hyperfuse strap. Inspired by shoe construction, the Hyperfuse II is a stitchless, spineless strap. Its inner guts are constructed with nylon webbing that is strong, durable and flexible, and sandwiched between two layers of EVA. The end product is a comfortable and lightweight strap that will not only handle the elements, but the test of time.

3D Toe Straps EVA Combo – Now's top of the line toe strap. The EVA combo creates a better overall boot-to-binding fit, and enhances the grip that the EVA provides.

NOW Tool-less Adjuster Straps

PA66-C Buckle Lever – Made from the same high grade composite blend found in the O-Drive hanger. This material is extremely light and strong, reducing overall buckle weight by 20%.

Additional Features
Skate Tech – Inspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns, major components of Now's system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The Hanger powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy transfer by the flexing and bending of their baseplate, forcing you to crank your straps down harder, ride with more forward lean, or run taller and stiffer highbacks. This all leads to more foot fatigue and pain. NOW Bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right onto the board's edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable, longer.