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About me:
I am 30 years old, 6'2 and 200 lbs. I have been riding for about 5 years, progressing pretty well. I ride on the east coast under awful conditions most usually in PA, but do take trips to Vermont where the conditions are usually lovely.

Riding Style:
30% Small/Medium Jumps/kickers
15% Jibs or whenever I see em
25% Charging hard
30% Cruising

I used to own the 2011 T. Rice HP after starting on a Skate Banana and immediately fell in love with it. The board was so damp and stable and allowed me to charge hard and experience no chatter through all conditions. I since sold it for a Rossi Jibsaw because I want to play more, but kind of regret it.

Now that the new season is upcoming I really want to go back to a more stable all-mountain board as the Jibsaw was really lacking as I tried to keep up with my friends on the bigger mountains in Vermont. I like to bargain shop so I've turned my attention back to the 2013 T. Rice HP 161.5 and the Never Summer Proto CT.

My Thoughts:
I already know I'll love the T. Rice and its stability, but can I still have that with the Proto and also have more fun with its softer flex or are they totally different? Also, is the Proto HD worth the extra 200 over the CT? For whatever its worth I can get a T Rice HP for $500, Proto CT for $350 and a Proto HD for $550.

What to do?

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poke around, all your questions have been answered recently.

no more discussion on this forum than the Proto and them TRS/Trice/bananas.
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