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This was my 4th snowboarding season.. First two seasons I were in Alps and I rented some old-school HEAD board with step-in bindings.. Last season I bought my first "economy" class set with flow merc board, flow flite 1 bindings and flow ansr quick-fit boots.. I love this board, it's really forgiving and I think it's one of the best variants for first board! Well, I rode for 2years with it and as a all-mountain board it was great even in a park, cause in my country (Lithuania) theres no big mountains to freeride, or just go where your eyes see, so parks is best option to ride in. I believe that in 2 seasons I improved quite enough to buy better (lets say more expensive set)..

I want to spend about 650-700$ for everything, since there's a lot of last year equipment sales I think for that much I can get a decent board,bindings and shoes. I'm looking for a freestyle set which would be more for kickers, but comfortable to ride rails or boxes from time to time. The only thing I want to stick with is Flow shoes, they are really comfortable for me, just this time I'd buy laces not quickfit.

Weight 71kg
Boot 11

I'm looking forward for your suggestions! Sorry for my english, just learning it at school.
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