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Okay I Narrowed it Down to 3!

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Hey Guys,

Coming from an traditional Camber board, I'm looking for something more playful and different. I've been riding a 2007 Burton custom. I want to keep the board still All mountain capable, but with a tad towards the playful side. I have 2012 Cartel Bindings.

Narrowed it down to:
Never Summer Proto
Lib Tech Attack Banana
Gnu Riders Choice

Leaning towards the proto, but the Attack Banana is close behind.

What do you guys think?
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Riders choice over attack banana. Proto just barely over riders choice for cost if the extra cost.
The riders choice is a good 120 cheaper then the proto is it worth it?

Should i be throwing the T.Rice in the mix? I was looking at it, but it seemed a little stiff for what I want.
The RC is definitely playful, going to be stiffer than the proto, more like an SL but less damp. I'd put it right between a proto and SL in terms of playfulness but probably just a bit more all mountain capable. Can't go wrong with either though
proto for sure. great quality, and you wont run into as many people with the same board.
I own 2 of the 3 you listed (see sig) and its a tough call. I love both in slightly different ways. My Gnu RC kills it on icy/hardpack days and is a little more playful while the Proto has the faster base and more stability when landing jumps.
Get an RC and proto haha
I have an RC, love it, but i was also looking at a proto for next season
Damn this is tough. The Riders Choice color combo doesnt go with my outfit. I have grey pants and blue jacket...White boots with red accents.

Also, what does Blem-2013 mean on the EVO website.

It seems there is a GNU Riders choice for 20% off then there is one for 30% off that says Blem-2013..
I get trying to match your clothing, but once you get down to the board worrying about matching is silly imo. The Lib Tech TRS is a very similar board to the RC if you're looking for another option.

Blem means it has a minor cosmetic defect from the factory. They sell them for cheaper but it won't affect performance.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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