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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to add some chit about my Brotaleon. Rave about for many features, but mostly just the simple concept of TBT.

Only thing is, I wished my Omni 158 had a tad stiffer flex for high speed capabilities & feel nonetheless. I like total control with the mach speeds... Although, this mid flex range has helped my @ss land a lot more than I would with a board that had NO TBT & a stiffer flex. It is forgiving 100% when needed, and for most riders, I think it makes total sense for an all around mountain stick.

TBT is the truth. If you guys are park studs, and you don't have a Bataleon, you are missing out. That is & will be the biggest market no matter what for a TBT board IMO.

The other thing is, I like the quick turn in the glade runs, and the low drag on the catwalks which make me wave by others in slow-mo.

Even though, I want a Capita FK'N Awesome, Jones Flag & the new GNU Billy Goat(w/ CB3) for other reasons... I may ride TBT for the rest of my life if I just only could have one board.

TBT all-mountain sleds are the true hybrid. My Omni 158 purely just cruises on flat or steep descents... and can curve in the pow, bump & corduroy all the same with ease. Also, the soft front wide tip on the Omni is definitely a notable feature for those who are pow freaks.

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I try to stay away of ice, so I can't judge all too well. I do believe magnetraction and similar boot to boot serrated cuts do perform better, so that could be a downfall if you are looking for one about Bataleon.

The TBT doesn't really effect the ice nonetheless, but they could incorporate some patent pending serrated cuts foot to foot in the future.

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I had the Omni the first year it came out, I think 2010? I got it as a setback and tapered pow deck that supposedly still works on not-pow. Honestly I was super disappointed in it. It really didn't float much better than other Bataleon decks I had at the time like the Jam and Undisputed. I only rode it a couple times and sold it quick.

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Yep, I had the Omni '11 and used it only a handful of times before buying a Powder Snake. I didn't like the TBT at all, made the arse of the board very squirrelly on the flat, it always wanted to aquaplane out from under me. It wasn't particularly good in powder either.....laft me feeling disgruntled hence my search for a better board.......since getting the the Powder Snake I've never looked back, been riding it ever since!! Its looking a bit beat up but there's still some life in her yet! I only paid about 28,000¥ for my Omni, 2 years ago I managed to sell it on for 20,000¥ :D

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Ever since I first heard of it, I thought it was a wicked idea.
It is, plain & simple.

So I bought a Goliath 61.

I'm in the pnw as well.

When I was picturing it working in my head, it was in powder.

For some reason:eyetwitch: I never thought what it would be like on hard pack/ice

First time I tried it was on ice.

Holy fuck, haha, I could not get off this thing fast enough

In order for it to work, like how it was intended. There needs to be full base contact.

When flat on the center riding on hard pack, the intial edge bite to start a carve wasn't there.

I got the feeling like I was falling over. only for a microsecond until the board rolled onto the angled base.

But that sense of falling made me adjust my carve, then a nanosecond later I would feel the edge kick back in & have to re-adjust.

Absolutely hated it, even though I like the idea behind it.

I rode with Kevin Sansalone @ baldface lodge, he started his snowboard company WhiteGold, they all run TBT.

I don't know if it was the 20 plus years of being a pro & riding incredible untouched lines or the TBT?

But he wasn't having any sort of trouble. We shot the shit about it in the bar.
He swears by it. He also prolly doesn't see much ice though either


I decided to give it another shot, in a foot & a half of powder:hairy:

This is where TBT shines.

The only good powder day I had all last year @ my shitty snow-less local hill was on the Goliath.

I didn't switch it out that day either, I was totally diggin' it.
3 boards come with me every time, solely to get the awesome parking in the very first row.

Gotta bring 3 boards or you can't get there. Mide as well ride em if they're there.

This day though, Whatever else was in the rack that day, stayed in the rack.

The main contributing factor, why my day totally kicked ass.:hairy:

It snowed almost 2 feet on a Thursday night. I wasn't able to get there for Friday morning.
Somethin' came up & I had to miss Saturday as well.

I didn't think there was a hope in hell I was gonna find any powder anywhere.:gaah:

On my first chair up on Sunday morning, 2 full days after el dumpage.

Cypress had the face roped off & closed.

Hmm:embarrased1: had to sneak my way back up the slope on the other side of the snow fence to get my self in there.

For 2 whole days, nobody out of the 2,590,921 people (in 2011) thought to disobey the rules & slash that shit up.

Hey, nice to meet chya.

I'm not fibbing when I say this day tore it up.
I was able to get about 10 or 12 runs before anyone could figure out how to get in there.
Everyone wanted in there. haha.
The whole run is pretty much right under the chair.

Every single person going up, got to see me tearin' it down.
I could hear everyone hootin' & hollerin'

By 2pm, I had scalped that whole face, all the goods were gone.
I was gearing down in the parking lot, lookin' over at the now scalped face, with all these people that had been wacthing me & trying to figure out, now riding down it.

I felt as though, I needed to thank the almost 3 million people living in the Fraser Valley.:eyetwitch:

So I did. This is for all you sheep in the Fraser Valley.:eyetwitch:
Awesome guys:jumping1:, I love you:hairy:. Keep up the good work.:jumping1:

That's just the bottom of the face, it goes up farther over the crest.

Haha, seriously, this day rocked so hard, that I felt obligated to thank everyone.

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