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Opinions on pants to match jacket

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Hey guys,

I've got a Vans Plaid Andreas Wiig Jacket that I usually wear with my black pants and black boots. I'm a little over all the black so I'm on the hunt for a new pair of pants. I've been thinking about getting a Yellow pair of DC Donon pants and am wondering what you guys think. There's probably better brands but it isn't long until I'll be on the slopes and I need to buy something soon.

Here's some photos of the jacket and pants.

Clothing Outerwear Jacket Hood Pattern
Clothing Yellow Green Trousers Outerwear

Let me know me!

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Gotta love ass-less chaps^^^^^^

Anyway, not a big fan of yellow, but those seem to match fine. Buying in the summer for me is a killer... gotta stare at the stuff for months.
I like the jacket! Would go with the pants but you're shure you want to sit on such a delicate bright color? Will look dirty instantly...
I have the same jacket. I typically wear black pants, but when I get bored and feel like being an asshole I wear my bright green ones.
That jacket looks identical to my Burton Restricted Hackett
Thanks for the reply guys. I'm in Australia so or winter is just about here. Getting very keen. The worst thing is trying to find gear here. I should have ordered some from the states but I've just been lazy. Most of my mates have bright coloured pants like green, aqua, yellow and even white and they seem to stay fairly clean. I'm trying to look for some 686 smartys and stumbled on some of these.

Clothing Cargo pants Pocket Green Khaki

What do you reckon? Won't show up dirt as bad and will still look fairly sedate.
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Seems like a few people have it! I've never seen anyone else with it on when I've been out. What gloves have you got on there ETM? I find it hard to tuck my big burton ones on the inside like you have there.
Pretty sure i just have my inner gloves on in that pic but I always manage to get my gloves tucked in, the second one can be hard to manage though.

Its a good jacket but I found the neck is too tight and if completely zipped up is very uncomfortable on my chin. When not zipped all the way the zipper has a tendency to work its way down, also my zipper has started to get jammed in random spots.

I just upgraded to a goretex shell so it will be interesting to compare
Ahh righto I never wear my inner gloves. Mainly because its usually too warm and I hate how much it restricts being able to move my hands.

I have the exact same problem with mine when the zipper is all the way up. It hurts my chin and annoys the crap out of me. I just usually have a neck warmer on which stops it digging in but it's still tight. No dramas with the zip yet but I don't use it all that much.

I'm not much of a fan of how big the hood on it is either but that's just being picky.
Personally I like the bright green pants to match with it. Bright colors makes it easier for your friends to locate you! Yellow seems to work fine too! My friend had white pants and used it all season and it never looked dirty so I doubt it'll be a problem.
Well I bought the yellow ones :). They've gotta come from overseas but I'm used to that. They should look and feel better then the grenade ones I have already!
Bright colors are great for photos and video. You will pop in those formats if you are getting into that sort of action.
Haha yeah only in muck around photos and videos though, nothing serious. I'll never be that good but I still have fun.
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