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OSBE helmets

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I tried a few of these on at Christy Sports in Vail. Never heard of them before, but the helmet was very comfortable and I loved the visor instead of goggles concept - no pressure on my nose, and therefore no restriction in breathing.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's actually used one.

OSBE Ski Helmets
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"Requesting a fly by..."

Tell me you are not serious....


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Saw an asian lady at Big White who could barely stand on skiis wearing this contraption.

Do I need to say more?
I rode with someone who had one of these. Apparently they are glasses friendly?
"Requesting a fly by..."

Tell me you are not serious....
Absolutely serious.:thumbsup:

Not the one in your first picture mind you, but the second one (Proton model), or the United model.

I tried the Proton model on - very comfortable. Great vision parameters, and no pressure on the nose, as I said. Less claustrophobic than wearing goggles. Hasn't the trend in goggles been to bigger lenses lately?
I asked a guy at A-basin who had an OSBE helmet about it. He loves it.

As for the Asian woman who couldn't stand up on her skis: you really think a helmet and visor that is more open than a helmet and goggles was the problem?
I don't.

Banjo, your reaction reminds me of skiers reacting to snowboards appearing at snow resorts. You don't have to like these things, but keep an open might be wearing one some day!:giggle:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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