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Ovrride's trips

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I am planning on going out of the country and down to South America next year. After looking at numerous travel sites, I've come across Override and their trips. Has anybody gone on them recently and if so how are they? I know people have brought this topic up before but I know that things may change from year to year . Anybody's input would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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OvrRide is a solid company. Been riding with them for about 6 years now, which is the length of my riding experience. Been to countless vT trips, their first Tahoe trip, 1st Breckinridge trip , 1st Argentina trip , 1st whistler trip, and going on their 1st Japan trip.
Bronx native nyc firefighter , got no time for BS. There are more trips every year. Jamie the owner is a solid dude. I say go for it.
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