Looking to buy a set of highbacks from either the new Atlas / Atlas pro (colorway not important. Or the falcor highbacks in something else than just black (colors will be listed down below, but if i missed any that aren't yellow or black on black / grey , i would still be interested).

Preferebly looking for new, but used in good condition would also be an option.

Year - color
20/21 - ultra blue,
18 - orange,
18 - dark blue,
18/19 - gold,
20 - black and red,
20 - silver and red,
20 - white,
21 - artic white,
22/23 - satelite

i would be able to get brand new ones from union in black for 90-110 euroes depending on discounts.
So if brand new i would pay around 110 euroes, maybe a bit more or less depending on colorway and if it's the new or old carbon Y.

I'm not sure about what new atlas highbacks would cost, but my budget won't reach way past the 110 euros.

Would also gladly buy as full set of bindings or with other parts missing if you just want to get rid of a pair of any of the above mentioned ones.
Would also be interested in sets of two differnet colors, if you had two pairs break in differnet colors. exaple one in orange and one in ultra blue