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Park board for a friend

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Hey guys so I havent posted in a while but am back to ask for some help picking out a park board for a friend. We are thinking around a 147-148 length based on height and weight. He said to me he wants something that he can "toss around in the park but still be able to ride down the mountain comfortably" with. I know I know thats what everyone wants. I picked up a 149 flow verve two years ago and havent really kept up on new boards since so I was hoping you could all offer some suggestions.

The requirements:
Price range: around 100-150
Conditon: New or gently used (I am pretty good with repairs as long as it doesnt involve a blown-out edge)
Size: 147-148

I was thinking either suggesting something with zero camber like my Verve or a rocker board with magnetraction. I feel like the 147 GNU park pickle is the perfect board but I cant find any used ones for under $300. Some of the other boards I was thinking of was the Yes Basic, Flow Verve (since I love mine), K2 WWW, and possibly some Nitro board like the Swindle. The reason I am suggesting these is because they come in the required size and seem to have a low used price.

Im open to all suggestions so the more the merrier. Thanks all!
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