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PNW meet-up March '17

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We'll visit PNW next spring and will be in Bend mid March :yahoo:

Who's in for a meet-up at Mt. Bachelor Sat 11th or Sun 12th March?
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@Argo @neni oh I will be there. Fired up and ready to shred. Follow that with an afternoon parking lot tailgate party! Looking forward to it.
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Isn't there like 20+ brewpubs in the Bender. Is there the party bike for like 12 folks with the designated steerer...jump on the bike pedal to the next pub and have another.
Yes, there's is a pedal pub for 12 people.
Yeah I'm really hoping they have the black Friday deal again 3 tickets for $100 but I know prices went up this year so I doubt they do it again. I'm still scared of those damn vents though lol
Nobody is going in any vents. I'm not scared.
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I'm on the lookout for the Mt. Bachelor 4-pack ticket. Did not get a newsletter yet, but hope they'll have it again.

Fumerole by Ves, on Flickr

During the first mini meet-up, I somehow ended up hanging from my bindings above this hole before @Rogue unclipped my bindings for me. This was a freak accident.
The 4 pack will pop up in the next couple weeks to month. I will alert the thread when I get the email.
@chomps1211 so is it true your coming out to Bend? You quit smoking yet???
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So there are tree holes and vents to be scared of. What else?

Yeah... @chomps1211, how's that lung rehab going?
What's a tree hole? Neni, everybody knows nothing scares you.

Edit. Tree wells, got it, yeah those can be troublesome if you run into a tree.
Good grief. I know enough to steer clear of potential tree wells, but now there's vents? fuuuu
So there are a few yearly spots where the warm air/gas vents around the mountain. I know where the regulars are but this one popped up randomly in a very peculiar spot. There aren't many and they're pretty visible, most of the time. The few I know of are deep in the sidecountry off NW lift.

Speaking of fast, @Argo's kid pretty much doesn't turn. He just points it and rides over whatever is in his way.

March is going to be epic. Deep days all month. prepared.
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Yay! Got my Bachelor passes today.
Now I'm getting seriously stoked for the season!
Why yes Neni, it is snowing
Almost rideable by Ves, on Flickr

Somehow Alport only needs a few inches and he gets the shot
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Thats his downfall according to the ladies
He must have used the pump. Here's a few more inches than the prior shot.
Some #bachyporn to get you excited. 40 inches over the October weekend.
Piney by Ves, on Flickr

Rejoicing by Ves, on Flickr

Shaka by Ves, on Flickr
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So... what did the lady say? Got your trip set up?

I mentally begun to cross off the days :)
I saw a few clips from the alps, quite sad. Happy New year
Is it too late? I'd love to be there and say hi + explore Mt Bachelor! I'll see if I can swing it (depends on more than just me, and the other one is a skier now :eyetwitch2: )

But I'll be fixed by then!
Pretty sure @neni is coming the second week in March. Not too late.
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No rsvp needed. Just show up. :nerd:
My truck on Sunday

Blown in by Ves, on Flickr
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Mr Neni is going to have fun with him. I can'teven begin to keep up with him. He is to the point that he just points straight down anything and goes, straight.... kind of frightening. :surprise:
@neni it's not even worth trying, kid points it at the top in any terrain, in any condition, that's his jam. Like watching Xavier. I've horseshoed a tree after a good buck and well, would prefer not to do that again. "I'll just be right behind you dude"
So around 13ppl so far.
Is the tailgate BBQ still a topic or is there such a thing like too much snow/too bad weather for it?
I'll stuff every free corner of my bag with a selection of Swiss chese and chocolate to prepare a nice apéros for the tailgate.
There is nothing that can stop a tailgate bbq. Not even [email protected]

oh and tomorrow is another powder day. I don't know if I can drag myself out of the house for another one. I have to do my taxes and all of these consecutive powder days are killing me and my quads.....
I went(i have no energy left in my body to keep me warm at work right now after 5 straight powder days), snow quality was best of the year, lift quality, not so much. Outback and NW never opened again. Tomorrow should be epic on the west side. Storm was fucking nuking up there.
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I will have a few discounted lift tickets for bachy if anyone needs one.
How much are the tickets with those? Would love to grab one if they are cheaper than the price Argo posted
I am definitely interested in making a trip out. Any more tkts available?
Send me a private message
It looks like I'm going to miss all of you guys by a weekend :(. ILl be in NYC on the 11th for work but I'm actually flying to Portland on that Thursday and am down to board on Friday or saturday.. will any of you still be there?
Pretty sure it'll just be us Bend and PDX residents. Bend is a three hour drive from Portland.
I'm the bald kook in the flannel. Amazing adventure to meet you and SO. Great to see you guys ripping down my home mountain. Thanks for the cheese plate 1&2! Good times
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Almost 3 year bump! My god I forgot about the crazy goggle tan I had that week, anyone up to do this again this year? @neni arent you and the Mr due for another North America trip?
Let's do it.
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