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PNW meet-up March '17

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We'll visit PNW next spring and will be in Bend mid March :yahoo:

Who's in for a meet-up at Mt. Bachelor Sat 11th or Sun 12th March?
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Hmm, maybe, maybe maybe ???

will have to see how life treats me in the intervening several months.. would be cool to get up to the PNW again...
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Damn, I wanted to go to this, but can't...


(it's a 3-day weekend for me, too)
glad you all had so much fun. Looks like a great time
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Glad you are having such a great time out there.


A. How did you get an Instagator?
B. Why is there a foam backpacking sleeping pad in the snow behind you ???


Inquiring minds wanna know...
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1 - 4 of 214 Posts
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