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PNW meet-up March '17

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We'll visit PNW next spring and will be in Bend mid March :yahoo:

Who's in for a meet-up at Mt. Bachelor Sat 11th or Sun 12th March?
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Just got the email, buddy passes in march are $64.
I'm gonna try! I get back from MT on Monday, but will need to scramble to find some cheap lodging for Bachelor, especially if none of my friends are able to make it. Apparently 3 consecutive weekend snowboarding trips is hard for them to swing lol.
My rv will still be free...
even without discounted tickets the price is like $90, way cheaper than a lot of other places...
I will be in grand targhee the following weekend.
You're in as well or still away?

So around 13ppl so far.
Is the tailgate BBQ still a topic or is there such a thing like too much snow/too bad weather for it?
I'll stuff every free corner of my bag with a selection of Swiss chese and chocolate to prepare a nice apéros for the tailgate.
Only a few more days to go. I'm sure you guys are getting pumped! Hopefully im not beat to hell by then. :crying: snowboarding too much :blahblah:
I'm leaning towards riding Thurs Fri, but we'll see. I'm planning around a day at Meadows and getting my school stuff done early. Pow days early in the week so I really can't see past that yet lol
Be warned, I'm not used to riding with others ! I may just see everyone at happy hour LMAO JK sort of maybe we'll see ;)
I rarely ride with anyone else too....
Sorry, we had rainy powder yesterday. It was great until our outerwear didnt hold off the water any more. Lol.

We ended up going for a hike around smith rock after lunch.

Chomps has fallen ill and hopefully we can get him back out tomorrow.
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We will be parked at the base of west village. I have a big blue dodge with a big bumper. Usually parked along the snowbank to the lookers right of the base buildings.
Today was a great cruiser day. Had some decent corn too....

These are of neni and hubby, one with my son too. I'm sure they have a shot or two of me on their phones....

Snow Piste Mountain Mountainous landforms Winter

Snow Winter Piste Sky Recreation

Snow Winter Winter sport Skiing Ski
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Left northstar an hour ago and heading up there, you guys will probably be sleeping by the time I get there, Argo I'll look for ur setup and try to park near it
Sounds good. We plan to be there early again, it was snowing hard when we left today.
Heres a couple of pictures from today.

It started out about as crusty as it can be with very rough groomers. It ended up quite nice with softening trails and snow falling.

Neni brought pounds of cheese and chocolate for our tailgate lunch party.

Left to right in the first picture....

Neni, me, kk2242, ridinbend, chomps

Snow Winter Vehicle Recreation Outerwear

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Transport Mode of transport

Kk2242 doing a great job turning down the intermediate slopes. Great job for a first year rider.

Snow Winter Ski Piste Recreation
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Current conditions at bachelor.....

Sorry about the crooked picture...


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Thanks a ton to @Argo and family! You made us enjoy this place so much!
No problem! It was a lot of fun riding around with you guys even it if was just ripping groomers. You guys are welcome any time, stay longer next time so we have a better chance at powder. I still cant believe that you all missed it by a day. Hopefully we get out to CH and get to rip around your ski area in some powder next winter. :snowboard1::snowboard2::drink::drink:

I am still surprised we had the group we did from so many places. @16gkid was here all the way from Chicago, making an epic journey over 2 weeks hitting a bunch of resorts.... I will likely see you again in Grand Targhee on Friday.... @neni from Switzerland. @chomps1211 from Michigan, it was good to see you again. @KK2242 down from Spokane, so quiet but you make such great improvements on riding even in just one day. @Rogue down from Portland, always a pleasure to see you ripping around.
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I got our edit put together. It is so good....


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Is that the camera angle or did a time machine just take those stances back to the mid 90s..... lol
haven't you heard the saying that trends come back around every 20ish years....
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