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Posting Surveys and Advertising

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So you're doing a project for school/college/whatever and you need to do a survey. It's related to snowboarding, so you think you'll just post it here and we'll fall all over ourselves in our enthusiasm to answer your questions.

Mmmmmmmm.... No. We get 2 to 3 of those a week, mostly from people for whom it's their first post -- and from whom we'll likely never hear again. So here's the thing:

If you want to post a survey (or anything similar - don't get all lawyerish) then you first have to post a short video introducing yourself, explaining the reason and rationale for your survey. Preferably entertaining. We will be the sole judges of whether or not you put enough effort into it to be acceptable.

If you think to bypass this requirement and just post your survey, think again. You have no idea what verbal abuse is really like until you've pissed off the people on this forum. Prepare to have yourself ripped a new one. (Normal rules of moderation do not apply when ripping said orifice)

And if it's not snowboarding-related, and it's your first post, you go straight into ban-and-clean.

Just to illustrate the point, here's a thread where the author obeyed the rules:
and one where they didn't:


If you want to open a thread to point people to your SNOWBOARDING RELATED product or company, that's ok. Don't open multiple threads in multiple sections, or you'll be deleted and banned. Don't 'bump' your thread every day with irrelevant addendums. Don't drop irrelevant posts into multiple existing threads pointing out your company or thread. Be prepared for a little bit of abuse in any case. Be a contributing member, not just a free-advertiser. It is ok to have a link to your SNOWBOARDING RELATED company web page in your signature.


You want us to go to some random website and vote for something. How is this different from a survey? Same rules apply.
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