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Prospecting Spring

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I put together a video of all the peaks I did this spring. Seeing as how all were done on the Prospector splitboard, seemed like an appropriate title.

Nothing all that rad here. More of a doc. Blower pow makes for more exciting video. Hopefully it'll be entertaining enough. Enjoy.
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Am I the only one not able to see the vid?
Am I the only one not able to see the vid?
I can't see a thing.
I'm able to see it on my computer but I can't see it on my Iphone.

Here is the link for the video that works on my Iphone. If this is out of bounds killclimbz, please delete.

Great video killclimbz. Very entertaining indeed. The music works really well with the footage.

Loved the POV.

I'm sure you can guess my most favorite POV shot. It elicited an "aww hahah" response. Man, Cody is just gorgeous.

Thanks again for another enjoyable TR, killz! Especially when June is considered summer not spring in my neck of the woods...
Am I the only one not able to see the vid?
Weird. I made sure it was available to anyone anywhere. It's not locked down. I added a link for you. Which West Baden Already provided. Sorry about that. I've looked at my account and I still don't know why it did that.

Thanks for the props everyone. Of course Cody steals the show. He always does.'

Video rending is a little off on this one too. Not sure what happened. Live and learn I guess.
Damn. That's a lot of snow. We're well into summer here. It's 80+ everyday and very humid. But on the bright side, I can longboard everyday now that school's out :)

Actually, our season ended in march. Even then, it was 2 or 3 "trails" per resort and completely moguls/bare patches. Also, it's technically illegal for me to skate on a road. Ah, the joys of living in the Armpit of America!
Using a Samsung notes... anyway, the link works, thanks.
Great shots :) 1st, you put a smile on my face (its monday morning so this means something ;)) and 2nd you make me feel a bit ashamed that I consider my season's over end of april cause we'd have these spring snowfields too, still now. We so far only hiked to get into fresh pow but vids like this show how rewarding also spring hiking would be :thumbsup:
Nice, looks like a good time (each time).
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