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PSA: Virus Avalanche 162 for sale - brand new

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Here is the original thread with multiple boards for sale ExtremeCarving FORUM • View topic - FS: Various Virus Boards

The guy still has board #2 for sale, a Virus Avalanche FLP 162 (note this is NOT the same board I'm riding, it's a traditional freeride shaped board).

He's asking $800 OBO and he's located in Colorado. This board retails for $1000 Euro plus shipping and duty, and it's still in the wrapper. If it was the AFT model I would have picked it up right away, but I already have a board too similar to this.

e-mail: mitchsolow at gmail dot com
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Figured I should post some pics here, not sure if you guys can view this stuff on the other forum.

I've never tried this board, but another forum member owns one. Haven't heard what he's thought of his yet...

Middle one in these two pics (same board as far left):

Second from the left in this pic:


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Nice sidecuts. But I'm good thanks.
Nice sidecuts. But I'm good thanks.
Lol, naw the sidecut's too short for my liking. That's why I didn't buy it! :D

Here's a better sidecut.

Wait that was a sideboob. Sorry!
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