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Since my mate bought this board last year, I've wanted to try it. Finally got my chance while in Japan a couple of weeks ago. Also, cant remember who it was, but in another thread, somebody mentioned they were interested in this board. I only managed to ride it for a few runs, so that's why its only a quick review. Here's my thoughts...

Me - Intermediate rider, 75 kg. I ride about 15 - 20 days a year. 46 and not the fittest, although I was pleased I did 2 weeks in Japan without too much issue.

Set up - +15, -15, reference stance width, set back 10mm. Cant remember what the bindings were, but felt medium (thank god). Boots - size 8 Burton Imperials.

Conditions - overcast. The run started with powder, went into softish cat tracks, then softish groomers for the last part of the run.

This thing is stiff! I'm comparing it to my Magtek One, which is apparently the same stiffness. Nope, not even close. As soon as you stand on this thing you can feel how stiff it is, and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to go. Also, in the 159, I'm at the light end of this board.
I started in powder and I was really surprised how well it rode. Easy to float, east to turn. I didn't have to do too much work and it did everything I asked, it was easy.
I dropped into slightly harder conditions and I started to have a play and try and get some turns going, softish groomers. Basically, I was doing my turns, but not getting any feedback. It was working but I couldn't feel a damn thing. This thing just wanted to push on through. I don't know if it was my weight, my skill level, the conditions or everything combined. The board was working, but I didn't feel connected, but I had only been on the board 5 minutes.
The terrain then goes into really wide softish groomers, so I started to push on, doing big turns and start to get some carves going. Its a rocket ship! It clearly wants to go quicker. I'm into carving, so this is ok with me. But I know I'm going too fast. I slow us down and just do some regular turns and try and feel whats going on. I don't know what the width is, but it was a bit of work to get on edge (remember, this thing is probably too big for me). I carry on playing around and just try and enjoy the ride. I do try and have a go at buttering but not a chance, all of the above, weight, skill level, everything else!

I had a few more runs on it and the he upshot is, this board is a charger. It wants to go fast. I don't know how this board compares to boards like the Custom X, but all I could think of, was how stiff it is. Its good fun to ride, but you need to be on your game all the time. I couldn't ride this board all day, it would knacker me out!
But, it is awesome in powder. I'm guessing its the 3BT tech, but riding powder was a breeze, I loved it. It was ok to ride in the other conditions. I was getting it on edge, flatbasing was good and it works. But powder is where it shone for me.
I'm guessing this board would be for someone who likes aggressive all mountain boards, intermediate to expert rider, on their game, who gets into powder regularly as well.

As I say, I class myself as an intermediate rider, and it was good fun to ride. its probably too much board for me, but if you class yourself as the above, go for it.

Oh, and if you're in NZ, I think its for sale!!
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