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recommended bag for boots/snow gear?

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My wife and i are currently using burton gig bags for carrying our gear around (we do weekly day trips and need to carry our stuff between our place and the bus/train etc). But its a lot to carry on our shoulders. Board, boots, snow wear, gloves plus a heavyish padded bag.

Thinking of changing up to a board "skin" style backpack, and a single roller bag for the two of us.

Does anyone have recommendations for a bag that will fit 2 pairs of boots and 2 pants/jackets, but still be able to fit in a largeish locker?

Size 9 boots for me, 7 for the wife, so not necessarily huge boots...
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I see the ski team kids doing stuff like this all the time with their boots. Seems like trying to put your boots in a bag just destroys the whole convenience of getting a good bag and trying to lug it around, whereas this is a good alternative. Maybe you've already considered?

Thats the back view of a backpack in case it's hard to tell..
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Thanks for the reply. The problem with that is what do we do with our boards?
Having something a boardbag with backpack shoulder straps might work but it means carrying a lot on our shoulders when we could be effortlessly rolling it along (its a total of 25 minutes walk between home and train, then train to the ski tour bus, so close to an hour of walking with it in one day)
Well there are many backpacks with vertical board carry.
I use a Burton bag that's padded and has roller wheels on one end. Its 166 long. I fit my snowboard, boots (size 13), helmet, shell, pants, my gf's skis, ski poles, ski boots, and helmet in it. It weighs 50lbs loaded up (i know because i fly with it a lot). Its pretty heavy duty and has been holding up great.
I just received my Dakine 157 roller bag today. It's awesome!!! Haven't been on any trips with it, but you can def fit all your gear easily and the quality looks very durable!
We currently have the Burton Gig bags. It fits everything (except my helmet) but no backpack straps and i need to strap a skateboard to it for it to have wheels.

The point of this thread was to ask for a smallish roller bag that fits 4 boots, 2 sets of wear, yet still fits in a locker. It wont be used to carry a board - just the boots/wear. This is for carrying in crowded urban areas like from our place to the train station and then from Shinjuku station (the busiest train station on earth) to the bus terminal.

Roller board bags are incredibly inconvenient in busy places, because you have 1.6m of bag trailing behind you for people to trip over, and getting them through ticket gates is a pain (its bad enough as it is with 80cm of board in front of you and 80cm behind while carrying a Gig bag on your shoulder).

I also dont want my wife carrying her full kit in a backpack as it is quite heavy, and she is only small. So if we had just a skin style board backpack each, and i carried/towed the bag with our boots/wear we would be set
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