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Reflex/Disc fasteners

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Anyone know what type of fasteners/disc I need ? 2 years ago I bought the first ICS Malolo of which I was going to use a 2-3 year old pair of Triads, the Malolo came with male sliding inserts and female screws, that worked perfect with the Burton ICS conversion disc I bought.

My wife bought me a Barracuda w/ICS, but the sliding inserts are female and now the conversion disc and screws w/washer doesnt work.

Does Burton make a Reflex binding conversion disc that the old school screw and washer will mate up with my Cuda. Sorry for the confuse, you can blame Burton for this cluster F***.
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There should be an ics id tool on burton's website, if not call cs and they can talk you through the process to get the right kit assuming it's still being supported.
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