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Regular or Wide Snowboard.

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I am a size 12 boot. 5'11

Do i need a WIDE board? or can i still use a regular board?

And the K2 WWW are those normally wider boards? would a 155r work with my boot?

Or should i get the KINK 156
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A normal profile 155 probably wont have the waist width for size 12 boots, itll depend on the boot model as much as the board. youll definitely want a mid wide type of board at the least I am guessing.
with a 12 i'd get a wide.

I ride 158's on a 11 boot and if i'm up on it, I can drag a toe or heel.
Yea I wear 10.5's and ride a 158, I dont have problems myself but I wouldnt want my boots to be any bigger.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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