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repair advice needed

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Need some quick advice - back in my college riding days I rode a Academy Rhythm 156. Good board. Liked it a lot. After a few months on it I found that the top sheet in the tail started to come undone (see 'image' and 'image_1'). It looks like the top sheet started creasing, as if something had started to fold the top sheet like a piece of paper. No idea how this started to happen. I brought it back to the shop and they said it was unrideable and that I should get a new deck. I took their word for it they gave me a great deal on the same board, almost 70% off.

After riding the second board for almost a season and a half it was pretty thrashed, especially the tail (see 'image_2'). That damage I can account for, most likely damage from rails/rocks/lift lines, etc. It looks like just the top sheet it coming off.

Both of these boards have been lying next to a warm, dry furnace for the last...oh...5 or 6 years maybe? I pulled them out this weekend and was wondering if they could be saved? Or are they toast? My hope is to take a bunch of epoxy and sandpaper to them, wax, file edges, done.



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I don't see any core damage, but i'm not an expert at repairing boards so I can be totally wrong.
epoxy and a few clamps to fix the topsheet....i dont know what the base looks like, or the sidewalls, but it looks like you might be able to fix the topsheet and ride it. id have low expectations on its longevity though, that board looks like it went through a meat grinder...
The first 2 photos are of a broken snowboard. You can seal the hole but the board will still be broken.
Those first two definitely look broken. Like, beyond repair broken. That third one is just top sheet damage from the looks of it and is fairly easy to fix.
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