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Hi all,

I'm looking to replace my Burton T6 snowboard. I'm on the slopes for about 2 weeks a year and I'm not into funparcs. I'm the only snowboard in my group, so I have to catch up with the skieers :dry: That means that I'm mostly (say:95% of the time) ride on-piste and ride at a relatively high speed. I really don't mind that, because carving on well-prepared pistes is my favorite activity.

Now I'm riding a 2007-model Burton T6 (bought new in 2009). It's a stiff board and our friendship ehm... needed to grow. In the beginning it felt like I couldn't get it around the corner, but for the last years I felt in love with its stability and ability to ride on high speeds.

As the years count, I'm thinking about something new. I did some research and hope you could send me in the right direction. I narrowed my search down to 2 snowboards, taking in account the availability in Europe:

* Burton FT Branch Manager
-pros: Familiar brand (I already have Burton boots, bindings, board and clothes and I'm satisfied with the quality), seems to be designed for high speeds, seems to be stiff. Reviews are good. Furthermore there I've found a website with some nice discount on it
-cons: I barely ride in powder snow, and I don't know if the tapered shape has disadvantages when not in powder. I also have Burton Cartel bindings without the channel-pads.

* Flow Maverick
-pros: seems a good allround board, also stiff, reviews are good, I can use my 'old bindings'
-cons: I'm not sure about the brand (I'm no fan of their bindings, I don't know about their snowboards' quality), higher in price

Can someone please advise me? Thanks a lot!
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