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I googled my fingers off and struck I'm asking here.

Anyone know of a website that will sell resort stickers? I did a little peak bagging while in Tahoe this I love to stick resort stickers on my helmet/board. Its kinda lame. I know this. (Feel free to remind me though.)

I remembered to get em from Sugarbowl and Sierra but not Northstar or Kirkwood. (Northstar I was afraid of the village and Kirkwood I was having too much fun to go in and find em.) I checked all the regular snowboard shops, the vail store, and even eBay and couldn't find any of the board stickers. I'm wondering of its some copyright issue and you have to get them from the mountain...cuz I cant find em anywhere. Even on eBay its hard to find Tahoe or any west coast resorts

So hive mind...where do I get my board stickers? Who's got a guy?
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