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This format was borrowed, with permission, from Snowolf. Thanks!

The MSRP for the standard board is $399

Available sizes: 143, 147, 150, 153, 155, 158

General Construction:



Arbor offers The System to provide riders with an amazing amount of edge hold in a rocker design that preserves the full range of performance associated with true-rocker shapes. We did this by perfecting the true-rocker profile (Parabolic Rocker), while building in real edge control through a unique sidecut (Grip Tech). In our opinion, the award winning “System” has proven to be the best rocker design yet offered.

This design is built on the JIB System, which utilizes a flex and shape that are specifically tuned to JIB and street oriented riding.


Power Ply Topsheet
Bio - Film
Medicine Core
Shadow Flex
Fusion Base
Unblended Progressive – Grip-tech
Rhythm Rails Side Walls
Butter Glass – Biax over Biax layup
Sumo Stance - 2X4 14-PACKS Inserts
Bronze Edges
Two Year Warranty

Technical details:

Overall Length: 147 cm
Construction: The System Rocker
Effective Edge: 113.4 cm
Sidecut: 8.4m / 7.5m / 8.4m unblended
Nose Width: 27.6cm
Waist Width: 23.6cm
Tail Width: 27.6cm
Nose/Tail Length: 19.3 cm
Stance Range: A lot.
Flex: "Soft"
Weight Range: 98lb (44kg) to 178lb (81kg)

My Setup:

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145
Boot: DC Park 9.5, regular laces
Binding: Flux RK30, size M
Stance: Regular, 23.0", 15/-15
Rider Skill: Freeride and Freestyle Intermediate
Wax: Hertel Super Hot Sauce

Conditions: Mashed potatoes and 42 then a freakish cold front came in and dropped it 15 degrees in a matter of 90 minutes. Into night conditions. Day and night riding at Blue on Sunday.

Philosophy of Use: Jibstick, urban shredding, park riding, cruising.

Definite a soft stick meant for park cruising, jibbing and urban riding. This is the most jibberish board in the Icon collection and uses the System rocker technology.

Sidecut/Manuverability: Everything from the Westmark ( applies. So much fun, so dialed.

The sidecut is pretty deep on this but it still can do medium radius carves well especially on smooth textures (fresh courd).

The softer, bronze edges gave me some doubt at first, but they held up ok. I could get the same levels of grip as the steel edges on the Westmark, but probably a bit less. You'd have to ride them side by side to notice. Would they handle full panic heel edge stops as well? Not on anything hardpack. If you have good edge control, they won't be a problem. Which leads me to my next point; why even bother with bronze edges? I didn't feel any advantages hitting any of the hand rail or down bars set up. Only welded, miter cut rails in street situations might hang you up but I don't think bronze edges are going to help you there. You'd have to file those, regardless. So just use steel edges. They offer better wear resistance, anyway.

The nice thing is they did chamfer the edge 90 degree edge off the nose/tail at about 45, 1/16" chamfer, so you don't have to detune the nose or tail.

Stability/Damping: Very lively underfoot but handled charging jumps and stomping landings fine. As long as you stick to smooth textures, you're fine. Going fast over ripples, ridges and other stuff that forms is strongly recommended ... if you want to crash. For park cruising and just messing around on groomed greens and blues (even blacks, depending on the texture) it's fun stuff. I went down some steeper boilerplate and while not exactly a bomber, it had predictable and approachable limits.

Flex/Snap: Soft. Really soft. Horroscope/Artifact Rocker/WWW/Swindle soft. Riding 2 foot 5-0's everywhere is doable. Torsional flex is equally soft but doesn't give as much as you might worry about which is nice because it makes buttering around on the contact points less teeter-tottery. You can combo butters on thing like you're playing Guile in SF2.

Snap is ... well, it's good but it's not powerful. If you try to cheater ollie and just pogo stick out of your tail presses, you aren't going to be going anywhere. You really have to ollie it like a skateboard and as your are getting light, snap the spot right outside the bindings. If you do this, you can get enough to easily clear your feature. It came off the lip kinda meh, but just hit it with the right speed and pop it with both feet and you will be going over the knuckle pretty easily.

Base: I hate extruded bases but this one is ok. I rode over some rocks, gravel and some other stuff and it held up fine. However, since this board is $399 and the new Westmark is coming down in price to match, they should really give it the rocket base from Westie.

Other note: Fun but more limited than the Westmark. Do not downsize on this one, it makes it kind of hard to find the balance point for buttering if you go short. Honestly, I'd have a hard time recommending this over the Westmark to anyone who doesn't do really specific type of riding, and those people already know who they are. But as a snowboard, this thing inherits all the good stuff about the Westmark and sort of adds a new spin to it, or vice versa, since the Draft came out first. This is a great board and one I'm happy to have in my quiver.

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I thought about the draft but went with the westmark, maybe if theres some left end of season ill pick one up cheap, thanks for the review. Out of curiosity, do you buy all these boards you have been reviewing?

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The Arbors I bought, the Signal was a loaner I ended up not buying from one of my buddies (let him take the Westmark for a few days) and the K2 I bought. I had a few other boards I got on this season (T1 Zero, Rook, Forum Destroyer DD, Ultrafear, Element RX off the top of my head) that I didn't own but had the opportunity to take for a day demo thanks to having friends who don't ride much.

It's a bit expensive but I save a lot of money during the summer as skating and going to the gym are cheap hobbies and I've since sold my bike and other high price toys.

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Rode Mountain Creek last weekend, it was mashed taters and boy this board was not fun on that. I got bucked all over the place, it was a ton of work just riding down the mountain, stomping landings was ok but taking off was sketchy as hell because any grooves that people had rode into the lip of the jump would really upset you. I definitely recommend sticking with your normal park size on this board if you want to use it for anything other than very low speed riding (jibbing/buttering) and maybe even upsizing on. An oversized Draft could very well be perfect sitting just a hair below the Westmark. Check out the size differences from 147, 150 and 153 (also 150 Westmark for comparison):

Board / Effective Edge / Nose and Tail Width / Waist Width

147 Draft / 113.4 cm / 27.6 / 23.6
150 Draft / 117.3 cm / 28.9 / 24.8
150 Westmark / 116.9 cm / 29.1 / 24.8
153 Draft / 120.5 cm / 29.2 / 25.0

There's a huge difference between the 147 and the 150 and both the Westmark and Draft are very similar. The 147 Draft just looks small to the eye. Strapping on the Westmark, looking down just looked like I had more board underfoot which means it feels even more different. It just gives you so much more board to blast through stuff. A 153 Draft might be the perfect park weapon for someone like me.

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I have to agree 100 percent with your review of the draft I have a 155 its a fun stick for messing around on and buttering, but any thing over a blue and you want a stiffer board. I also have a 155 Coda cambered from 08 that i bomb around on. I am thinking of selling my draft and going west mark or another Coda. Not real sure, I like to go fast but still be able to mess around and my current Coda is to stiff for the fun factor.

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I left the edges alone and it didn't hang up. However, I tend to not ride that many street features with kinks so someone doing really tech stuff might want to take a file or dremel to it.
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