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Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard 2012 | evo outlet i actually lucked into sale which brought it down to $124 including shipping and delivery.

Thought I would report out after riding couple days on the rome garage rocker 2012 154cm. And a friend who has been riding longer then me rode and so these comments are from both of us. Be reminded he and i are both coming from pretty stiff ride boards. i was riding previously 2010 ride dh 157.

New board is pretty awesome. It is fairly flexy, and due to rocker outside of feet and flat in between it is fairly skaty and loose feeling. For carving is is really not bad. I can carve as fast as I want to and as fast as I was going before and be very comfortable. If you are a guy that just loves to carve carve carve with totally locked in feeling this is not board for you. In other words you will be able to ride right away. It is not like you will be falling down or anything, but you will have to get used to skaty loose feeling. 154 vs 157. 154 was awesome. It was light easy to spin. I can't comment - obviously - on any shorter. Not really any sense of having to be shorter, and i would be concerned about being shorter when/if it snows. I am about 175 lbs.

Board is completely awesome for buttering the hill. 180's, spins, butters, tail presses all on surface going down hill so easy and awesome. OT: But honestly if you are beginner this stuff and learning to ride switch is key before hitting boxes and jumps as it is so super helpful to learn to land and ride every which way before coming off features.

Jumps, not totally sure yet, did not hit anything huge. I was hitting some mid size ones, and you do have to get used to landing onto a skaty loose board. But here is the thing, while you don't land and get the locked in feeling of a camber, stiff board. You also don't have to worry about catching an edge. Like once in while when landing on the old board you would catch an edge and you were going down. This one you just land a little sketch and ride away. Here is a good example. Once I landed on the tail and on the old board it would have resulted in falling back and sitting down and sliding down on butt. The new board you land on tail, in essence do a unplanned tail press and good to go. my friend, dan was hitting with the new board some bigger ones, and he claimed he got more pop, was faster, and flew further with new board. Not sure how that is possible as his old stiffer board should have given him more pop. I saw where he landed and it did look further but maybe just how he pushed off hill different.

boxes: the extra flex does indeed make it somewhat easier to get on and stay on boxes. It is not like you can go from crap box rider to awesome. But it is a relatively significant improvement.

Construction: Thought when i got it it would say like made in austria or something. nope, made in taiwan. kind of disappointed. Edges are good and thick metal. looks a bit more metal then my ride board. 2 year (not one year) warranty. Base seems ok, cheap extruded, not too fast. the graphics on the board are nothing special. but honestly at some point you get what you pay for, and i hardly paid anything for a new board. i like how my ride dh was a flat non glossy surface so there was absolutely no need for a stomp pad. the rome does have the more customary gloss finish. i am still going to avoid the stomp pad.
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