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Hi everyone,

First up, let me state that I'm new to this forum even though I've been a long time guest visitor. I've been reading a lot of reviews here about different boards because I've been in the market for one for a long time.

Anyway, about three weeks ago I finally made the decision to buy the Burton Easy Livin 2014. And I paired it with Cartel EST Restricted bindings. After a few weeks of waiting to try it out on the slopes I finally gave it a good run two days ago and here's what I think...

The most obvious thing I noted about this board (and that feels so different from others) is that it feels super light. The board I have is 152cm. I don't know its exact weight off the top of my head but I barely felt it under my feet as I was going down the mountain. It felt like I was on a thin piece of steel or something. The good news is that this makes the board really maneuverable and turning from toe to heal was very very easy. I can't state enough how light this board is. Did I say it was light? I'm sure others on here will point out that it may be heavier on paper in comparison to other boards but it was how it felt on the slopes that really counts to me.

The other thing to note is that the tips of this board are kind of shaped like a diamond. I've never used a board like this before but it made breaking very easy. If you go high speeds and need to come to an instant halt then this board was perfect. The edges dug deep into the snow and on several occasions I found myself overcompensating as I wan't used to the feel.

The board itself is a twin directional hybrid camber/ rocker design and because of this it has excellent suspension. I barely felt any bumps under my feet but I also got the impression that the Cartel bindings were also absorbing a lot of the impact given they have solid foam padding. Stability on this board is excellent and it's very forgiving. It allows you to make mistakes and correct your turns if you get stuck. This is because the board is very flexible.

Burton claim they've put all sorts of technical stuff into this board - like jumper cables and things like that and I got the sense that these things gave me a superior ride. I felt really confident on this board and was able to traverse down the mountain with ease. I'm a typical camber rider and I will admit I fell over a few times before I got used to it. However, by the end of the day I was having so much fun I had completely forgotten about my mishaps earlier.

The graphic of the board has Jimi Hendrix and is very neat. It doesn't exactly stand out on the slopes or anything but - up close - it does look like a serious bit of kit. I'm not a Jimi Hendrix fan myself but I was impressed with the design. The coating of this board is semi-gloss which means it has a sheen to it that is not noticeable in the pictures of a lot of websites that advertise this board. One major error about this board though is that the surface is slippery when ice or water gets on it (and due to the semi-gloss coating). You HAVE to buy a stomp pad for this board. No question. When I was skating on and off the ski lifts I felt my back foot continuously slip from underneath me. Luckily my boots had a good grip sole otherwise things could have gotten dangerous.

Overall, I highly recommend this board. In fact, I'm kind of annoyed that Burton hasn't made more of an effort to market this board a little better. I looked at the Antler, Custom, and Process boards before buying the Easy Livin and am so happy I went with the latter. Bare in mind I'm a park rider so if you're after a board for back country riding I'm not too sure I would choose this one (I think Burton states this on its website anyway).

The board really does live up to its name. It really does provide the rider with an easy ride as I felt it was doing a lot of the hard work for me. I wasn't tired riding this board and I still felt refreshed coming off the mountain after riding it all day. It's for this reason why I would recommend this board to a beginner/ intermediate level rider. In fact, I would say it's a 'premium beginner' board in the sense that if you're a beginner with cash to burn then this is the board for you. In terms of this purchase, I feel I got value for money. :)

The addition of the Cartel's made the perfect combo for this board. I highly recommend them too.

So there's my review. Happy to answer any questions where I can.

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Thanks for the review! Looking to pick up the latest model. Can i ask what your height/weight is? Can't make up my mind between the 155 or 158.. leaning towards the 158 for more stability. I'm 5'11/180lbs
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