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I was asked recently to provide a review for my new coda once i had the chance to ride it. Today I had the pleasure of doing so, and in no uncertain terms where the conditions ideal. Now please keep in mind I'm am no professional review guru, just a Joe Blow from van, bc, canada. However i have been riding the better part of my 23 years so I like to humbly think i have a faint idea at what I am getting at. Without further a due.

The Mountain:
conditions: groomers (hard and soft pack mix) with a touch of ice here and there.
the wind was blowin exceptionally high, I was forced to hike up the mountain they couldn't open the chairs due to warnings from envrio canada.

So despite 70km/h winds i decided to hell with it and started hoofin it.

The Board:
After the hour trek to the top of the lift I strapped in, exhausted and scared from what i saw in the conditions of the run I'd be taking down, rocks scattered, snow cats doing there thing, mountain employees on sleds scouring for people like me. Took a deep breath waited for a gap in the wind and my music to align shortly enough they do just that, i snap to my feet and point down hill to counter the calmer wind, with it at my back and holding my heel edge my speed climbs, snap to toe and thats when this new babe of mine just blew my mind she pulls over to the toe edge with barely a thought carves out the snow like I was cutting dough a perfect smooth line, i go back to heel and it feels like my toe edge all over smooth concise I'm performing surgery to the hill, those rocks I was worried about are now in the back of my mind as i charge up to a lager culvert pipe with no more than a snap of my legs my Coda pops into the air with ease and clear out an easy 10ft gap. I reached the bottom soon after but Coda never ceased to amaze me.

All in all, despite the conditions and my lack of time on the Coda with my experience over the years I can already tell as a big mountain rider i couldn't have made a better choice in my new stick. its got all the pop and more its smooth, flex but stable. The only thing I cant say for sure yet is how floaty this babe is, but with how impressed I was with this true rocker board i have no doubts she'll rock my world again in the pow.

Normally I would just give facts in a review but this Babe just had to much soul to bland her down to boring details you'll feel untamed and alive when you ride'er

thanks for reading, hope you find this useful.
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