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Did demo the Farah end of season '13 on Niveks recommendation and bought it after that day. Didn't write a review till now cos I so far didn't had a full picture from only riding 3days in fresh and hardly on groomers. Could make up for this now.

Setup: Ride Farah 153 '13, Ride Fame M '12 bindings, Ride Cadence women's 8.5 boots.

Rider: 125lbs, 5ft 7.7in ~400d experience, mid-advanced one direction rider with no switch/tricks n review skillz, just writing up my thoughts :)

Stance/Angles: 22in, +24/+12 (and +21/+6 for some switch experiments - not my competece :laugh:). At first centered but didn't feel good - I seemed to put too much pressure to the tip, tended to dig the tip in. With one insert setback from center it felt perfect. Probably a technique failures of mine cos most my boards end up being set up more setback :dunno:

Location/Conditions: Swiss Alps, high and mid alpine, mid steep sidecountry, no trees, bit of fresh (8in). Blue n black runs, softpack, slush, moguls, crud, hardpack, ice, perfectly fine fresh groomer - sooo... everything but deep pow.

Genera impression: The Farah was pure fun. Very nimble, quick and effortless edge to edge, light to hop-turn in steeps. It's light and although rated as 7, I found it rather softish-midflex (compared to a Jones Mothership) - it surely is not a plank, is very well dampened and swallows uneven terrain nicely, it's forgiving, you don't need to "be on your game", I sometimes rode with my boots wide open, very relaxed.
But if you want to, you can ride it aggressively. It picks up steed very well. Base seems to be good quality: hit some nasty rocks and expected far more damage, but found only minor scratches. The topsheet is super smoothe and slippery - some may want to get a stomp pad - I did, for the first time in years.

Off-piste (can't call it pow; didn't have the chance yet to ride it in the deep fluffy stuff): Farah has a RCR profile, but with a pronounced camber with contact points well infront of the inserts and rather shy rocker (nose lifts app. 2in infront of the inserts whereas e.g. the Motherships nose rises right at the inserts - RCR <> RCR...) Float is less good than with the Mothership (obviously; it's 3cm shorter, less setback, less rocker nose), but I just had to minimally shift the weight to the back to have a lot of fun. Also in tracked out runs it is nice to ride, well dampened (comparable to a NS Raptor).

Carving: My former boards were longer; took me some truns to adapt to the shorter Farah - applied too much pressure to the hid leg first and ruined the end of carves. But soon found out where it can be pushed and had a lot of fun, it carves very well and easily, surely another pro side of this board.

Stability/Edgehold: At the monent, there's lot of ice here, on which the Farah holds an edge nicely. Tho not as good as the Mothership whith it's mellow magne. But no concern, no reason to slow down. I'm not yet flatbasing it long distances and keep it slightly on edge most of the time (it's not the tank-like ride as a Flagship), but it is very stable - no chatter at higher speeds. I loose confidence immediately if a board is not stable. With the Farah, I'm not reluctant to point it and just straight line, add a carve, thrash through crud then slow down and relax n just cruise bit of the run.

Really love to ride the Farah. It became my backup board when conditions get lousy in the afternoon (lots of moguls n crud) and my Jones boards get nasty. Whatever conditions I met, it handled them and let me enjoy to ride. It's not as fast/stable/gripping as the Mothership, but it's more nimble and forgiving in crud and has a playfull side, which makes for a great all-day board. I would recommend it to female shredder friends if I had them :)

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