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Rhalves Bonzai Slalom Racing Tips?

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I've been thinking of entering the Rhalves Bonzai, which is like a banked slalom.
Never done one of these races before & was wondering what tips do you guys recommend for maximum speed/advantage?
I currently ride a billy goat with a stance of 12/ - 12. Should I attempt to adjust my stance&practice towards a more alpine stance? Any specific board tuning for day of the race?

Suggestions welcome
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Did you do this race? Some friends are debating on going to it..... Looks fun.

Who wants to do this?
Racers run a forward stance for a reason. Although you being comfortable is the most important aspect of any stance. Saying that, I recently went from my back foot duck to a +2.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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