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Ride Antic '11 and Burton Cartel bindings

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Anybody have this combo? I have a 151cm board.
I use DC judge boots.

Switcing from my flow pro11 2006 model, not getting enough response in my opinion.
Just wondering if anyone has this combo, I will be trying them on at REI tomorrow
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I think you'll be happy enough with that combo. I run a much stiffer binding on mine, but that's just an overall preference thing. It's not a hard board to flex in my experience.
The Antic is a pretty damn damp board. I wouldn't want to go too soft on it, I think a good stiff binding like a Cartel would be pretty good but I'd look into something even stiffer personally. You riding all mountain? Park? What. If you ride park, go Malavita.
i used to ride that board.

I liked the extreme dampness personally, but its not for everyone.
I just want to carve and free ride. I am not looking to do free style. Maybe small jumps once I get better.

Any specific bindings I should be looking at? I want good control of my board and good response. I want to feel like I can easily link my toe side turn to my heel side.
Im new to the sport so unsure if I'm making sense when I explain.
Big help though to everyone. Thanks
I don't think the combo you are suggesting is a problem. You could go more stiff like Rome Targas or Raiden Blackhawks, but the Cartels are a solid binding for what you want to do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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