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Hey everyone,

So I have big dillema which new board I should buy. I am riding for 4 years and last 2 seasons I had Flow merc board, for a 1st board I looked for the most universal (all mountain, cheap). I liked flow as a brand so I didnt reaserched much and i took it with flow flite 1 bindings, and flow boots. I have no regrets for that, cause personally I think it's a great 1st board! Now I know what I like to ride and I looked for new more "proffesional" board.

I was using, to find board that would fit for me best. But not long ago I saw some negative comments about the site. However I've choose few boards and I want to ask you guys which one I should take or maybe your own suggestions.

I look to spend up to 350$. I want board mostly for kickers or jumps, but I'd like true twin tip board for swich riding. Mostly I ride in park, cause where i live theres nowhere to ride deep pow or just no high mountais at all. I'd like to be able ride rails/boxes (ofcourse I'm always able, but smth that would not be so hard to ride with). And something that wouldnt be impossible to ride groomers, pow, hit high speeds or carving.

So I thought about NS cause it uses carbon, a big deal for me that board is durable. SL model because it's quite universal according to goodride and other reviews.

yes the grands I like that it has asymetric shape, looks very interesting and a bit scary for me, and i saw good reviews about it

About Ride DH as I saw some pro rider rides with it and all reviews are good about it. DH2 I dont know bout it much, but pluses, that it has carbon and mixed camber/rocker shape.

So I'm waiting for your responses, sorry for my english if there are a lot of mistakes. It looks that choosing new board is harder than new car...

Thank you.
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