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Ride Spi

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I'd like to pick up this years model Spi, but all the online dealers are still full price. Does anyone know when the online retailers start discounting the newer stuff? I hate to pay full price, but I would also like to have them for a portion of this season.
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Usually around March. I have a pair of '09 SPi's and I love them but the one piece of advice I have is to definitely Loctite all of the screws once you get them set the way you want them because they WILL back out constantly if you don't.
sierrasnowboard should be late feburary so check daily starting the 19th or so. good luck, i hope you get em.
I may have to bite the bullet then, but I will keep an eye out over the next two weeks for something.
check evogear. they are running an extra discount on their outlet items. you may be able to snag some of last years spis for stupid cheap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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