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That ultra cold day last week created that weak layer. That said, not that much seen sliding, and the new stuff on top is helping it consolidate. No wind affect here at least.

Generally, I'd wait and see where the best snow is when you're heading south. It changes pretty fast. Revelstoke is in the right place and can be epic, but when it's not, well it's not that great. The same's true of everywhere, hence a late choice works well. If you're a super hero then Golden is where the wannabe people go, but the "family" places are much easier to score powder in (because the wannabe lot are all somewhere else). March is pretty much peak, so you should have a lot of choices. Early season snowpack is down on standard years, so far.

If you're driving then you could check out standby at the various heli operators. This was 2 days ago when the sun almost came out.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts