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Riding the PNW

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I personally have been riding a burton twin 151 all last season but it was hardpacked tho in the trees where there was a foot of powder the thing floated , i didnt bring it with me in the move lent it to a friend.

I did how ever write my fat bob 158 and it sank horribly all day so i switched to my custom X 164 did alot better im about 5'11"

so what size should i get if i were to get a banana magic i fell in love with softer boards so i was thinking a 154 but im coming to the realization that might sink just like the 158 fat bob. do i really need a the 161 or 157 or will i get by on a 154 due to the reverse camber ?
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how much do you weigh?

you like how your soft 151 rides and a stiff 164 rides, seems like quite the range.
Well between 180-190 the 158 fat bob just didnt cut it, i rode it at the end last season on hard pack and slush in the spring alot of fun, but in the powder all it did was sink and just wasnt fun just stress full, then it would get stuck on flats. while the custom X would glide on flats burton bases own so i can say the same for the twin in a foot of powder it would rise up and float if i came to a full stop then just leaned foward it was rise up and go forward rather then sink , i dont know if that would hold up in really deep powder tho.

any who yeah its a huge difference im pretty much slated for the 157

personally on the twin i never had problems carving on hard pack, even icy hard pack infact my max speed was around 50MPH and being able to carve on a steep icy hard pack slope.

after reading and reading it seems like i should just go with the 158 , a huge thing i loved about the 151 it was impossible to fall i always had tons of control except in the air , when in the air it felt like i was riding a tooth pick and now needed to land , i felt like the wind was going to blow me over if a gust happened. while the fat bob and custom X if felt fine and stable.

basically i want something for riding the trees and back country when there powder i been pitted between the t trice pro or the Magic for a while not sure

i mean the custom X seems to hold up in the powder but if i could have something with more float that would be great , the custom X is great bombing tho and going for speed on hard packed
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imo it depends on the flex and the design of the board....rocker, c2, or nose rocked and tail cam'd. a soft flex rocker can fold up in the deeper snow...while something the same size or slightly shorter but a bit stiffer and some rocker might float fairly well
a 157 magic nana will be a really fun in pow and trees in the PNW. At your size i wouldnt be looking at the 154 at all.

the magic has more rocker than the trice making the magic a more nimble, quick to turn, board and the trice a more stable board.
Yeah pretty much i hear the magic is less agro then trice pro so i figured its more up my ally.

but seriously if you dont know a burton twin 2007-08

Snowboard Burton Twin 2007/2008 :: Snowboard and ski catalog

they suggest max weight for it 161 Lbs , its quickly became my favorite play thing after riding it for 5 times it no longer caught edges and made a pongggg sound if i picked up one end and slapped it down , its the old school camber that breaks in to your weight. after it was broken in , i could do anything with it. never felt any chatter ever , never slightly caught an edge , nothing but preformance doing anything , dense tree woods , park, i would hit

KILLINGTON PARKS: HOT LAPS- TIMBERLINE - YouTube a steeper version of that cause it was the season before, update

tho thats it after it melted alot by march that park was falling apart i loved hitting it in feb when it was steeper i love that video cause the guy looks at it like wow fuck that, one time when i first hit it i landed in the middle stalled did a 360 then rode down the side ultra smooth and baddass looking after looking for a video on youtube for 15 min i failed only saw that one where the guy avoids it or people just not including that in their video ... last years version was clearly more badass and a different metal thing too if you go straight you run into the metal thing and smash into it , you needed to pop off it. which the more it melted the lamer and easier it go, it was hella badass steep at the start as high as a quarter pipe

the really made that way easier before you had to jump to get on to it rather then it just putting you on it which usually resulted in either people gapping it or me being new to the park landing half way then riding it the rest

but im gona take peoples word and got with the 157 its the same stiffness as tthe custom x and i was hoping to get something less stiff but would the fact that its rockered make it feel less stiff ? or is the stiff ness going to be way better in deep powder

the one 151 was so playful it was impossible to fall i liked it better then the skate banana on hard pack
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im about 175 lbs and ride the 'naner magic 157, i like a slightly larger board, get one you will like it. It does everything pretty well, i always pass my friends on the flats, it floats nice once you get the nose above the snow, turns very quick, bites ice, good pop, pretty stable at speed. It is a little squirly at lower speeds on flats because the reverse camber in the middle is pronounced, but that is its only drawback.

im not sure why more people go for the t-rice over this board.

I also have a Capita Charlie slasher 158 for any days over a foot, its pretty much pow cruise control, this is one of if not the best bang for the buck powder boards.

(i ride at baker and stevens)
It is a little squirly at lower speeds on flats because the reverse camber in the middle is pronounced, but that is its only drawback.
(i ride at baker and stevens)
this is what i really like about rocker in the middle. It makes larger, or stiffer boards more responsive(squirly) at slow speeds, but they still rip at faster speeds. I think it has quicker forward/backward weight transfer in pow, more surfy and slashes better, pops out pow. I have a 59 skate banana, 62 07 gyrator with wakeboard rocker (1.2" of nose rocker, 0.75" tail) and a 165 snowmullet. All of them rip pow.
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