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Riding with a tube?

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Some time last season I was on YouTube and saw a snowboarding video which had a rider in it with an inflatable snow tube strapped to his back.

He was in the terrain park and would slide onto his back and then back onto his board, doing it on landings, as he went off jumps, and just cruising around.

It looked like a really fun idea. I've tried searching for the video again recently but had no luck; last time I suppose I just found it on "that weird part of YouTube". :blink:

Anyone else seen this video? Anyone tried it? I'm actually considering trying this over spring break, as I could easily strap one to my Heli pack. I know I wouldn't be allowed on the lifts with it and would just re-inflate it at the top, but it looks like a really fun thing to do with my buddies while we're there.

What do you think? If someone could find the video and post it here that would be much appreciated. :)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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