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Right size / binding

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Hello I am planning to buy burton t6 and I was wondering which size would be right for me. 159 /162 /164 there is also 156 but I think I am too fat for it xD.
I am 182cm tall and I am currently 92kg planning to reduce it to 85 within 3 months. In US measurement I am 5'971 ft tall and I am 202 pounds...
I chose this snowboard because I am intermediate to advance rider I think xD because I can easily ride diamond but so so on double diamond. I never go to park or half pipe. I rarely do jumps less than 1m high xD. I just love going fast and carving down the hill. For binding I could get a C60 EST for 190$ but I was wondering because I sometimes like to stand straight and because of this binding's stiffness would it prevent me from doing that? If it does what about cartels? will they prevent me from standing straight too?
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I think that's a good choice of board for how you ride. I woulds go 160-162. If you do not adjust the high back forward, you should be able to stand straight without pushing against it tho they are very stiff and responsive.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and replying it I really appreciate your help guys but i have one more question. The condition on c60 est is light scratches on ankle and light wear on foam for 190 $. Is the foam important? And if it's for $190 should I buy c60 est or brand new cartels from the house for 150 $ ish on black friday?
The wear you described is perfectly natural and would not change how they feel or ride. That same wear would happen if you bought them brand new and rode a few times. I would get the C60 but the cartel is a very good binding and very responsive. I guess its really up too you, both would be a good buy. The binding you get more excited about, thats what you should buy.
Oh ok ty! =D Do you know a boots that would go well with these? I wear size 9. I am open to any brand on boots as long as it's responsive(stiff?), comfortable for long day of snowboarding and durable.
Do you have any shops near you? To try on boots. That's the most difficult purchase you will make. Because everyone has different feet and you need to see what boot feels the best for you.
I guess you are right but I am not really depending on the suggestions but I am looking for examples to base off to choose my boots =D So that I know what kind of boots is suited for my riding style
Burton, DC, Ride, Salomon, Nike, K2, 32. Those are the brands I am familiar with and would suggest. They all make stiff and resonsive boots that would match your riding style.

I personally would suggest Nike Zoom Ites. Adjustable flex and a ton of cushion. But you need to try a few different brands on and see what fits your foot the best.

Research stiff/responsive boots...
alright thank you very much xD I spent too much time researching for board and binding I didn't research about boots!
alright thank you very much xD I spent too much time researching for board and binding I didn't research about boots!
I did the same thing a few years back. Just about drove myself crazy. :laugh: I think we all do that though.

Good luck!!!!!
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